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David Weber has become the Tom Clancy of SF.

Stop me if I've said this before...but it's time we all admitted that Honor Harrington has become Jack Ryan. Oh, not in every respect, but let's face it, she's not following the trajectory of Horatio Hornblower any more. The relatively slim novels of naval derring-do amidst the stars have become gargatious tomes laden with all manner of political skulduggery, diplomatic hoo-ha, and (God save the mark!) blueprints. All that remains now is playing the parlor game of figuring out who the John Clark and Ding Chavez of the Honorverse are, to say nothing of the Foleys; we already know who Admiral Cutter was played by.

Yes, actually.

On to Storm from the Shadows, which starts with an excessively long introduction explaining why Admiral Dame Alexander-Harrington isn't dead like Nelson (when she was supposed to be), why books in the Honorverse are multiplying like rabbits, and how exiled mutant treecats have actually been behind not only the Peoples' Republic of Haven but Manpower as well. Okay, just kidding about that last part. Weber does explain that a lot of material that seems repetitious is necessary to hold the various tracks of the Honorverse together, and that there's no C&P going on since different points of view are used. Which explains why a lot of action that is shown explicitly in At All Costs happens again just offstage in Storm from the Shadows, and it's okay.

By and large, this is an okay book, although I think a lot of the bureaucratic nattering could have been cut with no loss to the basic plot, and we could also have been spared the high-level foreign policy noodling between Queen/Empress Elizabeth and her advisers, which has more to do with the main Honor Harrington Manticore v. Haven plot line than the developing clash between Manticore and the Solar League Navy in the Talbott Cluster. I think that if those two items had been cut, we could have had a satisfactorily explosive climax to the book rather than a cliffhanger ending, but hey, he's the best-selling author and I'm not. Recommended if you enjoy the Honorverse, not recommended as a stand-alone novel, no, not in the least.
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