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Lunch, dinner, and packing up

Did lunch at Pho 79 with chibitoaster and her classmates Britney and, ah, er...old age has struck and I can't remember the name of the other somewhat Goth young lady. Damn. Anyway, lunch was good - great food and fun conversation about art classes, Spike/Xander slash, pig peeling BBQ, and other silly stuff. It was over too soon, dammit!

In contrast, the afternoon dribbled by. Since the meeting is early -6:30- I'm going to order some pizza from Domino's and station someone at the door to guide the pizza guy in. I'm hoping the meeting goes quickly so we can get home (or to Kale's if he didn't bring the room party kit) early as my boss is expecting me in early tomorrow to make up time missed this morning. So much for salaryman's flextime! Well, it's only half an hour, and I'll be busy with balancing, so it wo't be so bad. I also want to get home early so I can burn a couple of CDs for the drive tomorrow - want to concentrate all the Judas Priest and Springsteen onto one CD, or maybe just do a mixed disc of rock from Motley Crue, Cinderella, and Poison. I could call it "Now Hair This!" Nyuk, nyuk.

Packing for the trip will be pretty quick tomorrow morning since just about all of my clean clothes are at the laundry. Basically I'll be grabbing my laptop, a couple of DVDs in case I get bored by the programming, and whatever drugs & bathroom stuff 'll need.
Tags: anime detour, friends, music
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