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A view from the feminist left

A liberal feminist tries to figure out why there's all this misogynist/sexist rage from the Left about Sarah Palin. (Instapundit)

I don't really have that much to say about this piece, except that I agree to some extent with it - a lot of these people who are spewing the bile see someone who has succeeded despite doing a lot of things that "proper" feminists don't do, and it makes them crazy. They see someone who is Christian but not in-your-face judgmental, which does not compute in their heads, and that makes them crazy. Add that to some projection, blend with the Borking method that has proved so successful at damaging or discouraging conservatives from pursuing public office, and you get the shitstorm that Sarah Palin endured last fall.

It's discouraging to see otherwise intelligent people write her off without bothering to find out just what it is she actually stands for, believes in, or has accomplished. When it comes down to cases, I cant agree with the "remnant" libertarians or elitist Republicans who think the majority of Americans are dumb "sheeple" (Jesus' bleeding wounds, I hate that word) who really aren't smart enough to figure out how things work. It makes me want to quote MacDonough's Song at them, because the average American is pretty damn smart. Lazy, yeah - most of them won't get interested in politics until it's their ox getting gored - but these days there's a lot of horns messing up a lot of peoples' oxen, and people are getting tired of it. Be interesting to see how it goes.
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