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And so, after a less than optimum start to the day, I wound up heading for Rockville and a backyard BBQ/unbirthday party/Independence Day celebration. It was a potluck, and I had been dithering between bringing a veggie tray, chips & salsa, and pie; in the end I wound up popping for all three and wound up going home with the chips and salsa. It was a good party; met Brenda's parents for the first time, renewed acquaintance with some folks I hadn't seen in 20-30 years who were part of the Dunhams' D&D circle, and ate probably more than I should have. Did manage to stay away from the cake, cookies and pie, though. Lots of good conversation, and I wound up leaving a little before midnight.

Took the long way home around the beltway, since Google Maps was showing southbound 395 as a mess; got home, did my shot and fell asleep. Sugar is okay this morning and am now debating what to do about brunch before I decide whether to go back for my sunglasses this afternoon or wait until tonight. It's supposed to rain sometime today, and is partly cloudy now, but I'm not sure it's cloudy enough for my poor abused rods & cones.