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Happy birthday, America!

No post yesterday since I was pretty much caught up in events, so I guess I'll play catch up now.

Neighbors in the apartment next to the laundry room moved out; maintenance people were in there stripping out the carpet and doing other stuff yesterday.
Speaking of which, I did my laundry, which took most of the morning as I was periodically distracted by Civicrack. Poncho liner now looks strangely fluffy.
Finished Amy Chua's World on Fire, which is basically a polemic regarding economically dominant minorities and why democracy in Second/Third World nations that don't have a strong legal tradition is a Bad Idea.

Probably the most amazing thing about the book is that she misses a very important point in her narrative: most of these economically dominant minorities are insular assholes. I'm sorry, but if you treat people from the ethnic majority where you live like they're not even there when they work for you, is it any surprise that one of them is going to eventually decide you need to die? One of her suggested cures for the periodic pogrom problem, aside from the US being somewhat less supportive of modern democracy in places that really aren't (Zimbabwe, Latin America, most of the world really) is for these economic elites to do good for the masses and be seen doing it. 99% of the reason people don't want to kill Bill Gates and take all his stuff is that they can see him and his wife trying to do good in the world with that enormous wealth. This is an Anglospheric thing that the rest of the world's wealthy need to get in the habit of, for their own good.

Spent the late afternoon and evening getting caught up with Mr. Taylor, who was not down in the valley with his dad the Master of Llamas after all. This of course precluded the drive up to Hagerstown for baseball and fireworks, but I'm willing to argue that I had a better time in Reston.

So I missed the Big Announcement from Governor Palin. Initial reaction: it's her life, and if she wants to quit being governor for the benefit of her family, that's up to her.

P apparently went and talked to animaltofriends last night, and if jamestrainor's reaction is any indication, it went about as well as I thought it would.
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