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Your weird sports news fix for Thursday

The Moneyball movie goes back into development hell. From the description, all I can say is "Praise Jesus!" Also, big ups to Amy Pascal. Nice to see every suit in Hollywood isn't a crack-addled moron.

No. No. This is just wrong. I don't care how much you loved Michael Jackson, girls.

Gump Worsley. Actually, one hell of a goalie. (Via Reason's Hit & Run, which was actually mocking Senator Stuart Smalley and Minnesota at the time.)

Finally, a murder involving midget luchadores, roofie-using hooker thieves, and Paris Hilton; unfortunately the hookers and Hilton seem to have survived. :(
If this sort of thing keeps up, I may need to bookmark Deadspin.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to throw out the trash...