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Well, that hasn't happened in a while.

Note to self: pita bread is a lot denser in carbs than it appears to be. I can't think of anything else that would explain yesterday, because I just shouldn't have been that damn tired on 6 hours' sleep, and I recognize that logy sleepy feeling all too well. For the record, I got home from the interview and exchanging moldy pitas for good ones at around 1300, ate the rest of the hummus and a sandwich, and then just kind of sat there in a sleepy daze until finally giving up and going to bed around 1800. Slept until 2200, got up, ate a belated dinner and took meds, and wound up going back to bed for another five hours of sleep at 0500. I feel okay now, and my blood sugar is down from yesterday morning, but I didn't like the way that felt, no sir.

In other news, the legs are getting better after backsliding a bit. I think the generic Allegra is helping with the scratching problem. Still haven't managed to get the scale put together.