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Your moment of mokushiroku for today

Fanboys, femmefans, otaku of all ages, listen up.

Many of you are depressed and fearful. Quit watching the evening news and brooding over poltics.

Others are depressed and lonely. Life is like that. You can help youself by not lusting after bishonen and supermodels; the former are all gay and the latter have vacuum between the ears. Study the lesson provided to you by the unfortunate Wakaba Shinohara. She lusted after the extremely bishie captain of the kendo team, got him, and then lost him to a well-connnected witch from India, completely overlooking the childhood sweetheart who could have made her equally happy without all the heartbreak.

Yeah, we all want the hot-bodied, passionate lover who will sweep us off our feet and make our lives complete so we can drive off into the sunset together as the cool music plays. Unfortunately, that only happens in shojo anime and the movies, and sometimes not even there. Deal with it.
Tags: culture w/o politics, the bush of fandom
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