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Loads off my mind

Got a good solid ten hours of sleep last night after watching the fifth episode of Ai Yori Aoshi: Enishi (oops - thought it was the first season) and part of Please Teacher - the episode I'd seen at MinneTokyo a couple of months ago, but that's okay.

This morning I got up, got my jeans on and bagged up a couple of loads of laundry to drop off at White Way in City Center. Unfortunately it was at the far end, the Hennepin Avenue side, so I had to lug two bags full of dirty laundry the length of the place. People give you some strange looks when you're hauling your laundry along in a couple of plastic bags, and I felt strange enough already. I think the last time I had my clothes washed at a laundry was when I went through Basic.

Management fixed the ever-flowing toilet yesterday and also took the water-saving gizmo out of the shower, so it's not like having a leaky hose in there any more. Yay! Having decent water pressure in the shower is right up there with strong coffee in the morning - an essential part of waking up.

Amazing what a good night's sleep will do.
Tags: anime, domestic stuff
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