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If a telepath was snooping on my mind...

...they'd be hearing a dial tone. I feel super tired on account of getting up early this morning for a dentist's appointment (tooth cleaning) after staying up until 11 last night finishing the second disk of Tenchi Muyo!. I need to knock that off and get a couple decent nights of sleep this week or I will surely die this weekend...as it is, I had to stop by Caribou on the way back from the post office and get a small coffee so that the neurons would be firing a little less sluggishly for the 11 AM meeting. This will not be good for the blood sugar.

As if I didn't have enough to do this week, I'm going to try and find time to rummage through my stuff and get the documentation needed to fill out the paperwork for the Microsoft settlement claim. I need the money.
Tags: domestic stuff
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