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this day only has 12 waking hours

One of the problems with unemployment is maintaining a proper sleep/wake cycle, and I've been fighting this problem for the last few weeks. Today was a good example; slept in until noon after being unable to get to sleep until about 0300 due to leg pain. Which ought to teach me not to drink Diet Coke in the evening, but then I've been a slow learner lately. :(

Had lunch yesterday with digex, who came by to loan me his ginormous digital scale. Once I figure out how to assemble it, it should do wonders to help with the weight control. Anyway, it was a good lunch at Los Toltecos with a lot of good conversation.

Today, not so much fun and excitement. Reading Cyteen again since I just finished Regenesis. If Stephen King is right about writers needing to spend four hours a day reading & writing, I'm doing okay on that part of it; I just need to get more consistent about the part where I fire up Word and make, you know, words.
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