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You! Back in the ghetto!

Finished William Gibson's Spook Country this morning before breakfast, more because I wanted to get it over with than for any expectation that there would be a good ending to a monotonous drone of a novel.

There are few things more annoying to me than novels about nothing, characters who don't know what the fuck, and magic realism. Spook Country combines all three, and doesn't even provide you with an interesting ending as a payoff. We only learn the what and why of the plot towards the end, we never really find out who is pulling the strings behind the scenes of the action, and there are at least six characters who seem to have no real function as far as advancing the plot goes; they're just there as local color or expository agents. Also, Spook Country has gratuitous voodoo content, possibly as a shoutout to the Sprawl novels (in which case it's irritatingly self-referential) or possibly just to make things look cool, in which case it's just irritating. Not recommended.