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Sunday festivities

So I'm chilling here after consuming half a cantaloupe and a leftover 6" roast beef sub from Sheetz, when therevdrnye calls up and says he'll be in my neck of the woods ~1500, do I want to get together for lunch? Possibly with the reclusive Mr. Groark? Of course I said yes!

Unfortunately le grand Charles was under the weather, so we headed for Shooter McGee's without him and enjoyed a pretty good...well, I dunno, it was kind of late for lunch and early for dinner. Call it what you want, but it was good, and the conversation before/after/during was likewise.

Going to do unemployment forms, watch Apocalypse Now Redux, maybe eat some broccoli, and call it a night.

Musical note: current music is not a remake of the Carpenters tune, although that would be pretty laffo.
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