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A week of furious action

Yesterday seems in retrospect to be one of those gray days when nothing got done, but in fact I was all over the west side of the Twin Towns doing this and signing that before coming home and curling up with some freshly rented anime. The day started late, since I didn't get in from the Relaxicon until the wee hours of Sunday morning, but by 2:30 I was up in Brooklyn Park meeting with tokenfanboy so I could sign the check I'd given him at the last AD meeting. We talked about baseball, the relaxicon, and the impending Valleycon before we hied off to Video Universe in Robbinsdale. It was on the way and he was right, I did need to see it. I went a little overboard, but renting all those DVDs for $15 and change is a much better idea than shelling out ~$20 to buy one disc of something new from TRSI or Best Buy.

We parted company there and I headed over to the Relaxicon. Karl and Joella had already left, pleading illness and schoolwork, but there were about a dozen or so folks still there eating and gaming. I didn't stay long; retrieved my copy of A Fistful of Dollars and went home after having a disturbing chat with Ron about how the state mental health system can be (and has been) used for evil and not for good. He's had far more experience with that (fortunately not first-hand) than anyone should have.

Tried to return the Hellsing DVDs to stuckintraffik on the way home, but he wasn't in, so that'll have to wait until later in the week.

Nothing on the agenda today, but the rest of the week should be busy, busy, busy. Tomorrow morning I have an appointment to get my teeth cleaned, which means I'll have to drive in; just as well since I need to get Anne Waltz her notes and my copy of Passion of the Christ. Wednesday night I need to do laundry, since Thursday night is the Anime Detour meeting and Friday afternoon I'm leaving for Fargo with phoenixalpha to do an AD room party at Valleycon. That'll kill the weekend, plus I have to swing by Video Universe on Sunday before midnight to get the DVDs back. Thank goodness I was smart enough to take the 25th off; I'll need it.

Update: Crap. I forgot when I posted this that the 20th is jamestrainor's birthday and we're going to be pillaging Famous Dave's. Guess I better bag up the laundry and drop it off at White Way or something. Crap. That'll teach me to post before coffee.

Currently reading: Joe Bob Goes To The Drive-In, by Joe Bob Briggs
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