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Well, that was a good day, and no mistake. Lunch with Dutch followed by quality conversation about the local collegiate wooden bat league, MLB, and related topics; plus more of the same with Brenda when she got home from her afternoon work.

Then off to Frederick for more of the same with brian_edminster and Brenda (the secret to racking up the big score in Bejeweled turns out to be the same as the secret to most things, i.e. practice) plus grilling. Refueled (and bought coffee) at Sheetz and was home by 0200. Coffee was most excellent, drive seemed shorter than usual. Brian will be spending some time this week beating the Failbox into submission with his 1337 skillz; hopefully I'll see it again before he and his head off to Niagara Falls next weekend, but if not, welp.

For some reason I woke up ~0800 and could not get back to sleep. Very weird. Time now for coffee and for thinking about breakfast; BG was decent but not really good.
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