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Hump Day afternoon

Up a little late last night watching Escape from LA, with one of our favorite antiheroes, so I was late rising this morning. Not that there's a reason for me to be up at a normal hour these days. :( Anyway, the second Escape movie is nice eye candy, formulaic fun, and that's about it. It was worth the rental charge.

One of the common slams on Wal-mart is that it generates obese rednecks by its very presence. Professor Art Carden of Rhodes College says it ain't so. In fact, Wal-mart may in fact be making people a little bit thinner by making non-fattening food less expensive. RTWT.

Via cipherpunk: "A Conspiracy of Euphemism". We're not supposed to be afraid of these pendejos, we're supposed to be putting the fear of Allah into them. Journalists being solicitous of their tender feelings ain't helping.