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Good night, sweet prince

I've been holding off posting on the whole George Tiller thing, partially because it's just not a burning issue for me and partially because I just don't post very much about the abortion issue. Most of my friends have pretty fixed attitudes on it by now, as do I, and I seriously doubt that anyone's mind is going to be changed by anything I have to say, so why waste everyone's time?

Still, the whole RARRRRR from folks on the left side of the blogosphere about this is something to behold. I think it's fair to say there's been a veritable Holocaust for straw men of the Christian pro-life persuasion as a result of this, because everyone knows us God-botherers go to bed every night frustrated that we haven't killed a baby-murderer for Jesus' sake. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF.

As far as I could tell, the man needed killing. He specialized in doing late-term abortions, which is to say he routinely killed children who under other circumstances would have started life in a neonatal ICU. He did this on the flimsiest pretexts, certifying that there was some medical need beside the mother's desire to get rid of an inconvenient potential tax deduction. He had been indicted for this, but the legal process was sabotaged by Governor Sebelius and her supporters in the Kansas state government, and in the end he walked away a free man. So some lunatic went to Tiller's church and wasted him. This was wrong, everyone of any significance in the pro-life movement condemned it as wrong, but that didn't matter to people who seized on Tiller's murder as PROOF that all anti-abortion activists are MURDERERS. To say that attitude and reaction is dumb and stupid is to say the Hindenburg disaster was an unfortunate incident in aviation history. Look, if we were the violent fucks all y'all think we are, i.e. half as irritable as the Wahhabis, you folks wouldn't be around to make dumb posts like that because you'd be dead, or intimidated into silence. Or out bombing churches in revenge. Oh, wai-

Well, whatever; Tiller is dead, his murderer is in custody and clearly deserves the chair, if Kansas still has that. I'd volunteer to throw the switch.

Megan McArdle has some useful posts on the subject; surprisingly so given her recent drivel on the Sotomayor nomination:
The War on the War On Abortion
A Really Long Post About Abortion
One More Post

Anyway, Ms. McArdle (unlike me) is one of those Orange pro-choice types, so it's a little surprising (if pleasant) to see that we wind up in some of the same places. Read all of them, if you will.

Now you know why I've been cutting back on reading & posting about politics lately. This stuff will boil your brain if you spend enough time marinating in it, and I have uses for that brain.


Jun. 2nd, 2009 06:18 pm (UTC)
"Or is that too much contraception for a Catholic??"

The easy (and snarky) answer here would be "What do you care? You're not Catholic."

However, having had to deal with this topic at the margins because I married a non-Catholic woman...in an ideal world, yeah, there would be tests you could do early enough to find problems and either not have kids to start with (NFP at the current state of technology works at least as well as condoms but requires more discipline) or be able to fix problems in the womb. And I'm all in favor of research to get us closer to that ideal.

I'm not saying there aren't reasons for late term abortions. I am saying I don't want them done here in the Commonwealth, and I don't want them paid for with my taxes at any level. It's odd, BTW, that the pro-life movement (and its related medical & adoption services) manages to survive on donations while Planned Parenthood and its ilk are always whining to the government for money. It's also odd that if this is a medically necessary procedure that's so frequently needed, that abortionists are so few in number and generally regarded as pariahs by the rest of their profession, to the point where laws are being contemplated to force doctors to perform them despite their religious objections.



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