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Another Monday, only with more crap.

Got the Failbox home last night but decided not to set it up since I'm only going to be unhooking it and hauling it off to brian_edminster's joint in a few days (or a week, depends on his schedule) so he can walk me through the BIOS flush and whatever else we need to do with it. Frustrating.

Long exchange of letters with digex and others about weight loss, DIABEETUS, diet and exercise, since we're in pretty much the same boat. digex has been more aggressive and program-oriented than I've been, to say nothing of more strict about the starches & sugars,so he's made a lot more progress, but it's an example I could stand to follow.

Fired off some more resumes, went to the bank to get more quarters (which it turns out I didn't need) did laundry, found my pistol (which I had absent-mindedly stuck in the closet after the last range outing) and am going to call it a night. Going to rise tomorrow, call in to the agencies, and do some major cleaning around here; maybe rearrange things a bit and get the remaining bookshelf assembled. God willing, I can dispose of 3-4 boxes tomorrow.
Tags: domestic stuff, friends, medical stuff
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