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Dump day comes on a Thursday this week.

Why you should read the Kalevala. I've looked at it occasionally, mainly because of the references in Robert Frezza's A Small Colonial War and Fire In A Faraway Place, and this article will probably spur me to give it a prolonged and thorough read. Also, a Comprehensive map of North Korea created using Google Earth. Chalk another one up for the Open Source movement. (Marginal Revolution)

Gee, what a surprise: spending more Medicare bucks doesn't necessarily produce better outcomes. Where have we seen this before?

Megan McArdle looks at the recent government-ordered closing of Chrysler dealers and agrees that while there may be logical business arguments to be made for it, it sure smells a lot like the Chicago Way of doing business.

I honestly can't be arsed to work up much interest in the Sotomayor nomination, except to say that whoever thinks nominating some arrogant Ivy League Nuyorican mami to the Supremes is going to thrill this Falangist needs to put down the crack pipe. Us Hispanics are divided by our common language and culture, much like you Anglos. Fortunately, Jules Crittenden has the whole deal covered with a mighty linkfest.

The Other McCain and Eric Erickson agree: conservatives have been sold out by the GOP for the last time. Apparently things aren't quite to that point with the CPC.

No loyalty among thieves, or, This was predictable! Turncoat Arlen Specter gets challenger in PA Senate primary. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy. (Ace)

Finally, a little puzzle for the geniuses at the Maryland Comptroller's office: 6.25% of 0 is how much tax revenue? (Ace)
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