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This week's library run and a late review [SPOILERS]

No non-fiction this time, mainly because the Alexandria Library doesn't have any of the three histories of fandom Kyle (not gohanvox) recommended to me.

Robert Ferrigno, Sins of the Assassin, the sequel to Prayers for the Assassin, reviewed here.
Robert Heinlein, The Cat Who Walks Through Walls. I read this almost 25 years ago when it came out, and was bitterly disappointed for reasons I can't recall at the moment. People whose opinions I respect have said good things about it, so I'm giving it another go.
Tim Powers, On Stranger Tides. It's Tim Powers. Forecast is for a strong chance of "entertaining" with the possibility of awesome.
William Tenn, Immodest Proposals. This is one of two volumes by NESFA Press containing all of Tenn's short fiction, and since I liked all of Tenn's stuff when I read it back in the '50s in various anthologies and old issues of Astounding, it looked like a good bet.

Holy shit, Stross just doesn't let up, does he? Having ended The Merchants' War with confirmation that Mriam/Helge is indeed pregnant with the late Prince Creon's child and Duke Angbard suffering a stroke, Mr. Stross proceeds to shove it on down into overdrive with The Revolution Business. It's a testament to how action-packed this book is that I totally missed the fact that he'd snuck the Russian Revolution by me until it went off under my nose. There's really too much going on here for me to even begin to summarize the plot, but I will say that the war with the Gruinmarkt traditionalist nobles under Prince/King Egon (the Pervert) comes to a sudden, horrifying, and completely accidental end while the war between the Clan and the Family Trade Organization gets exponentially nastier. Can you say "high-speed biotech reverse engineering"? I knew that you could. Go forth, read this book...and sweet dreams.
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