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Urgh, Monday...

Because there was no wifi in the lower lobby of the Hunt Valley, I saved this for posting now:

"Balticon is in the process of breaking down. Most of the members have already left (the Hammers and Mark Taylor and Richard Butler, for example) and after the very successful Charles Stross Kaffeeklatsch I'm inclined to do the same. I was stupid and had more gorp & Almond Roca than was good for me, especially considering I had a morning blood sugar of 274, which probably accounts for my tiredness. Still, there's nothing and nobody here I have any strong desire to wait for or hang out with, and I do have things to do at home. So I guess I should get my ass into the Sportage and roll on home before the traffic gets really nasty later."

Dodged that bullet, anyway. Left around 1430, stopped in Laurel for gas, BK, and some leg stretching, made it home ~1730 and hauled most of the stuff in. Haven't unpacked much, but aside from the insulin and the nose hose there was nothing I really need to have out besides Cowzilla. Going to wait until I've had a full night's sleep with the nose hose until I pull the weekend's doings together and try to make some sense out of it all.
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