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Relaxicon, day 2

Despite my best intentions, I didn't get to the relaxicon until around 7, at which point the anime and movie rooms were shutting down for the auction - which I had no interest in. (I'd blown enough money at the Arcana auction on movies and books.) So I hung out in the con suite reading a revised version of the rules to Zar that Clay had ginned up until we got enough people to play Zar.

Game details and other natter follows.

If you haven't seen it/played it before, Zar is a lot like Uno, but unlike Uno fully deserves to be retitled "Fuck Your Buddy" since there are a number of command cards in the deck that will make the other players very unhappy with you. Worst of all are the wasp cards (draw 2 cards) which can be cascaded in their effects so that some poor slob gets stuck having to pull 10 or 12 cards by the time the hilarity is done. The aim of the game is to get rid of all your cards, and failing that not be stuck with a bunch of high-value cards when somebody does go out. We wound up playing several games with varying numbers of players until about 2 AM, at which point I staggered out to the Kia and went home via the local Cub, where I picked up some meat, some mayo, and some more bread. Can't have too much bread around the house.

Turns out a number of people from the Relaxicon are also going to Valleycon next weekend, so more Zar is probably in the offing. Yeah! [rubs hands together, cackles evilly]

Speaking of the Relaxicon, they're starting the dim sum around 1 PM - if they're on schedule, which they usually aren't so much. Consume/Relaxicon is not so much like a normal convention as it is like a large house party, with most of the emphasis being on eating, hanging out and socializing. I don't recognize a lot of the people who show up there except for the handful that I remember from when I was attending Richard Tatge's Games Nights (he still does those; I just don't get into town on Friday nights for them so much any more) and some of the regulars who frequent most of the local conventions. This year the attendance seems to be down quite a bit from last year, probably because it's way out in the boonies of Plymouth. Hopefully there are enough people so that Rick won't take it in the shorts financially, because he really can't afford it. We'll see.

And now it's shower time.
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