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Balticon Day 4 and Memorial Day

The only thing on my schedule today is the Guest of Honor Kaffeeklatsch at noon, which I managed to grab the last seat for. This should be good; Charles Stross gave a very good Q & A yesterday and he should be even better in a small-group format. I don't know if I want to stick around for the convention post-mortem at 1600 as I fear this may lead to my getting roped into help run this thing, and I'm still enjoying my staffing sabbatical. The main question in my mind is whether the traffic home will be better at 1 PM or 5 PM. I do know I'm not going to Arlington today, because it's going to be a mob scene. I'll say the Rosary for Mom and Dad and visit them later in the year when the place isn't overrun by tourists.

I do need to get home and file my weekly unemployment report, though; the website is asking for my PIN, which I don't have with me because I didn't think I'd need it.

Sort of related: Apparently Goonfleet had a very good weekend. I sort of wish I could have been there for some of it. Talked to P briefly about the Failbox this morning before she left for work; she said she'd try and do the work on it this week, otherwise I'll take it back and get help from brian_edminster on the BIOS and CMOS twiddling.

Off to the business of the day now.
Tags: balticon, eve, family drama, tech stuff
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