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It's Sunday. Post some...

...eh, you know how this works. Anyway, came back to the room last night after suffering from fatigue and lack of motivation and was kept awake by the Internets until about 2330 when I finally went to bed, leaving wakeup call for 0800. P finally showed up about 0500 (after being out most of the night hanging around and then playing Wolves & Peasants) complaining about how boring Balticon was compared to Convergence, which is much like complaining that Rhode Island just doesn't have the same room to roam as Nevada; there are scale & context issues at work here. Anyway, we kicked that around for about 20 minutes and then she went to sleep. I couldn't get back to sleep and none of the stuff I want to see/do/eat is available yet. Thank Algore for the Intertubes.