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Saturday with DQ and others

Woke fairly early and hit the breakfast buffet with P before going over to the Hunt Valley to get her registered. Unfortunately registration didn't open until 1000, so we stood around for about half an hour talking with various people in the line and admiring the netbooks Balticon has for their registration staff. (Very spiffy.) After that we headed up to the dealers' room where P was waylaid by corset vendors and I barely escaped from the place with only a copy of the Guest of Honor's new Merchant Princes novel, The Revolution Business, about which more anon. Conversation with Kyle (not gohanvox) ensued, and then I hied myself to the Gaming & Literature panel where I figured to meet deathquaker; I was correct, and we went off to lunch at Damon's after the panel. Conversation ensued, which was good; we then went back to the Hunt Valley where I introduced DQ to P and therevdrnye and more conversation ensued until P insisted on lunch and therevdrnye's presence was required at the LARP. P and I and Mr. Taylor then decamped to the bar for lunch or noshing and met Rob (not RS) there.

So I pretty much spent the day in conversation with various folks (good) and eating (not so good) and then just plain ran out of energy around 2000; I was uninterested in the Masquerade and not motivated enough to hang around for Darker Than Black or any of the room parties. There's some panels I'm interested in tomorrow, and we'll see if I manage to make it to any of them. Like, say, the mustard gas panel. Since I missed the nerve gas panel today, and all.

The Revolution Business is the fourth novel of the world-walking Clans and particularly of Miriam Beckstein/Helge Hjorth, investigative business writer turned royal widow due to a chain of events I'm not even going to try to describe here because you should be reading this series from the beginning anyway. The series has been compared to Zelazny's Amber books, but despite repeated attempts I couldn't be arsed to finish those while Stross' books are worse than catnip to a Siamese for me. Among other things that happen in this episode, an analog to the Russian Revolution breaks out in New Britain while the United States discovers that some of its backpack nukes are missing and the Clans are trying to cope with the consequences of Duke Angbard's stroke. Stross keeps all the balls in the air and I daresay most of you will be less annoyed at his portrayal of VP Cheney (offstage, admittedly, but still...) than I was. Highly recommended. Go buy it and read it now.
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