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Thursday morning coming down

Blood sugar finally down(!) to 175 this morning, but I don't know if that's because I'm using "fresh" NPH or because last night's dinner was mainly broccoli and carrots with a sandwich as an afterthought. Either way, I didn't sleep as long or as late as I have been of late - woke up around 0800 and did breakfast around 0900. Printed out the deferment form for Wells and a strong letter to Fairfax County, both of which will require a trip to Staples and the post office later today.

Thinking about leaving the laptop behind and just taking the Centro, which would leave you loyal readers at the mercy of LoudTwitter for this weekend's entries. So far I'm just thinking about it; we'll see what gets packed tomorrow morning after I get back from my appointment with the doctor at the VA.

Going to do the weekly sweep through CareerBuilder and Monster.com in search of work today; will probably file the unemployment report tomorrow morning, especially if I decide to leave Cowzilla behind.
Tags: balticon, medical stuff, work
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