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Not that desperate yet

An agency I never heard of called me to offer a temp-to-hire position for $7 and change less than what I was earning at Wilbar. No guarantee that I'd get a pay bump when I went permanent, either. What killed the deal? I said I'd take it but reserved the right to quit the assignment if something better came along. They didn't like that. Excuse me? Being a temporary cuts both ways - if the employer isn't willing to deal with you as a contract employee but insists on temporary status, I don't see where they get off demanding any kind of long-term loyalty. So there went that deal.

Laundry done, more garbage going out, and three pairs of pants going to the tailor's for repairs. Also going to fill out forms for Wells regarding the student loan deferral and draft a letter to Fairfax County reminding them that I don't live in their shitty county and don't owe them jack. If they don't do their own work to get me off their list of people who owe tax, I'll sue their asses.

UPDATE: Ouch, fifty bucks to replace two zippers and get three patches done. Still, when they're done I'll have four pairs of work pants suitable for the office.
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