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It's Friday. So what.

Any morning that starts off with a description of Twitter as "a box full of imaginary friends" and continues with a thoroughly appropriate photoshopping of a McDonald's billboard is a good one. Thank you, Mr. Lileks!

Up far too late finishing Better to Beg Forgiveness, which lives up to its cover blurb and then some. Basic plot: mercenaries are hired to be bodyguards for the President of a Fourth World shithole nation. President is actually a decent sort who wants to somehow improve the lives of his people, but unfortunately the warring tribes that make up the place are more interested in acting like crabs in a barrel than working together. Also, the UN is there to help in the person of a really slimy bureaucrat whose main ambition seems to be to advance up the ladder by putting the screws to the President and the UN military. Basically, the place is Somalia, only without the "stabilizing" influence of Islam. Anyhow, things go from bad to worse, and the President is allegedly killed in an attack on the Presidential Palace by various idiots/armed militias, and that's when the real fun starts as our protagonists have to cross half the planet to get the President to the libertarian colony of Grainne. Lots of action, lots of interesting characters, lots of bureaucratic infighting. I think this may be even better than mzmadmike's debut Freehold, which was pretty stupendous. Highly recommended.
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