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Tuesday update

Got my new needles today and a 90-day supply of metformin in the mail from the VA yesterday, so whatever else happens I won't run out of drugs and insulin for the next three months. Still haven't heard from the mechanics at Don Beyer and still haven't heard from the staffing managers about work. Going to call them all tomorrow and find out what's what. If the lack of work persists and the VEC turns thumbs down on my unemployment, I may have to dip into the Cardboard Box Fund to make rent. It was just starting to bounce back from the election slump, too. :(

I think I'm developing a Michael Flynn habit. The Forest of Time and Other Stories was damn good, and the forewords/afterwords all went very nicely with the stories; not one of them was boring or spoileriffic. At this point I'm almost tempted to buy Firestar sight unseen and give it a go, considering how good this and The January Dancer were.

Tonight's fun includes another drive out to Ashburn to help P retrieve her truck from the shop. Fortunately, I burned a CD yesterday featuring the better cuts off the Combichrist/Funker Vogt CD thaadd made for me plus some Front Line Assembly and some more conventional rock. Good driving music.
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