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a day in the ruts

Pretty quiet day around the burrow. Bagged up and disposed of trash, did dishes, baked bread, made pasta, and spent a lot of time playing Civicrack. Not bad for a day that didn't really start until around 1130 on account of late-night driving with P (who is very impressed by the Optima) and staying up late to read March to the Stars. I need to get out of the habit of reading interesting things when I go to bed.

Interesting links: Using nuclear weapons to help identify fake whiskey. Alexandria Democrats beclown themselves over newly-elected black conservative councilwoman Alicia Hughes. Best scene" from the best Star Trek series ever. (Moe Lane) The Other McCain tees off on the Washington Post for doing a shitty job of local news reporting, and sees in this failure a big reason why big media is going out of business.
Tags: domestic stuff, linkagery
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