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Sleeping in and other joys of Sunday

Up way too late last night playing Civicrack and reading Stirling & Drake's The Chosen, so I wound up sleeping in until almost noon. It sounded like something was ringing, but neither the Centro or the Katana showed a call missed when I got up, so I don't know what the deal was there.

I should go out today, drop off the rent, and make use of these Borders Bucks. The Inertia being strong with this one, whether I actually will or not is another question.

In other news, my Dukes are back in third after a brief drop to sixth; my hitters went nuts yesterday and banged out a passel of runs and RBI while hitting .375 on the day; Tim Wakefield also scratched out a win, which helped. This league is really competitive in the 3rd-6th places so far, which makes it really interesting.
Tags: baseball, domestic stuff
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