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Maybe I should have just saved up for a Gateway.

Took the Failbox back to Ashburn for stress testing. P is going to poke at the desktop and find out exactly what the problem is and whether it really is a motherboard problem, or whether one of the other components is causing all the problems. I guess I'll find out later in the week, and until then it's back to good old reliable Cowzilla, the Gateway laptop I've had since...2004?. Yeah. It's older than Detour, and has outlived several makes and models of desktops that were supposed to replace it, or at least give it a well-deserved rest. So much for that nonsense.

Aside from that unpleasant task, and forgetting to pick up the pants at the cleaners, it was a pretty good day. P and I went to Saigon Star for late lunch/early dinner, then back to her place to get the guns and head over to Silver Eagle Group's new range off Fairfax County Parkway. Whoo-ee! I think this is the first time I've ever been welcomed to the range by a guy sporting hair gel and a tie. The place is very upscale, and while the prices for range time are okay, P and I both felt a weird vibe about the place, like we were going to have a shoot at Le Meridien or something.

And that was Saturday.
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