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Friday surprise

This is very weird. The Failbox was on when I got home ~1600, and so far has continued to run without any problems. It makes me wonder if brian_edminster was right and the problem isn't with the BIOS or drivers, but rather with the system running too hot. On the other hand, a CPU fail due to heat wouldn't allow a prompt reboot and return to service, so I dunno...heat affecting something else in the system that cools off more rapidly than the CPU? Anyway, so far so good.

I'm rolling this essay by Cobb around in my head, because it inspires me on a number of different tracks. Longer post to follow after I've thought about it some more.

Spook86 has a couple of posts about the Scare Force One fiasco earlier in the week. They're both worth reading all the way through, and the comments ain't half bad either.
Tags: linkagery, tech stuff
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