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Not bad for a rainy day, really

Joyous event of the 100 days of the Obama Idea happily celebrated by cheering workers of the liberated United States Peoples Democratic Republic with inspiring song and deep reflection of gratitude! (Jules Crittenden)

I can truthfully say that nobody at work gave a shit, including me. Most of work today revolved around getting the payroll ready, wrestling with the body shop's A/P, and other related amusement. Tammy left early to haul her son to the dentist's, iQue came and tore out a bunch of superfluous wiring, and I hauled a couple of dead boxes to the dumpster, along with a redundant CRT display and keyboard.

The rain we got today was pretty minimal, the gentle soaking drizzle that gardeners like and DC drivers hate. It cooled things down quite nicely from the surprising 90-degree temperatures earlier in the week.
Tags: laffo, work
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