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going mobile

Today was pretty slow for a Monday; we did a short check run for Portsmouth and a couple of manual checks, but otherwise it was a very slow day.

Foxchase fixed the shower, God bless them.

Mr. Hammer reminded me of the Theory of Searches when I vented on Facebook about the friend recommendation software. My complaint, for those of you not on the accursed social networking time sink of Doom, is that since it apparently looks for people you have friends in common with, was that I am deluged with Convergence people that I not only won't be seeing again, but who are even less likely to stay in touch now that I'm in God's Country then they did when I was in Minnesota. Which is to say not at all. So after the initial frenzied search through friends' friend lists for people I might recognize, I'm just going to wait for them to look me up. Old classmates from Oxon Hill and Army buddies get a break on this, since there was no pubilcly accessible Intertubes back in the day and it was harder to stay in touch. The rest of you, well, you know where to find me.

Most of today was spent fiddling with the Centro and establishing correct permissions for web access. I can now look at various websites, provided they aren't too humungous -such as, surprisingly, The Other McCain. Meh. Considering the drain on the battery web surfing imposes, I think I'm going to be better off pruning my e-mail, sending the occasional Tweet, and annoying fellow cell phone users with text messages, since under the current Sprint plan I can send those until my thumbs fall off. The Facebook app for the Centro is okay for skimming through the wall and checking statuses, but it sucks for commenting, which for me is half the fun. In the meantime, until I get the vehicle recharger for the Centro, I'm going to work on the habit of plugging it in every night when I get home. Better safe than sorry.
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