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More adventures with the new time sink

Spent a while this morning chatting with a high school classmate who I haven't seen in 30 years (and one of my nieces), playing Mafia Wars, and leaving comments on other peoples' posts. I can see Facebook eating more of my time than LJ does, but I keep an LJ for other reasons than being social.

Well, time to eat some brunch and get ready to head up to hang with brian_edminster and his inamorata; been way too long since we had a chance to chat.

Managed to get laundry & dishes done yesterday, along with some cleaning, so the day wasn't completely spent on indolence & sloth.
I did stay up way too late reading John Hemry's Stark trilogy, though. Damn things are like crack - you start the first one, and then you have to read the second one, and...next thing you know it's 0200.
Tags: books, domestic stuff, friends
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