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Well, the Centro is now activated, but unfortunately Sprint cleverly arranged matters so that you can't activate it without signing on to one of their Data plans. Which I didn't want, really, since I expect surfing with the Centro to be every bit as unpleasant as it was with the TX, but I had No Choice. Well, at least I now have unlimited texting, which may lead to an increase in Twittering and a consequent rapid decrease in my IQ. What this means for you Loyal Readers is that if you want to call me for some reason, you'll have to use the 301 number and not the 703 number, because for the next 6-10 weeks until I get the rebate check back, at which point I can switch the Centro off the 301 number and over to the 703 number which I've been using lo these many weeks. It also means my phone bill will be going up to ~$100 (amazing how that number seems to be showing up in my life lately, usually with dollar signs attached) a month, so I have a perverse incentive to use as much bandwidth as I can leech of the Sprint network.

Between this and updating Goodreads on Facebook, I've pissed away all of the morning and a good chunk of the afternoon on Internet crap and not made any progress on laundry, garbage, dish washing or other essential domestic projects. I think I'll have some lunch and then get started on those things.

Finally found the local classical station yesterday, which is of course an NPR affiliate. Murphy being my constant friend, of course they were playing opera this morning. :S
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