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The world and how it sucks.

As I said yesterday, the overcast continues and the temperature drops; it's now too cold to go outside without a jacket, even with all my insulation. On top of that, the Sox dropped another one to the damnYankees and the Astros got beaten by that tofu-eating infidel LaRussa.

I didn't watch the debate last night. Maybe I should have; Mitch and Professor Death and Hugh Hewitt all think W rocked, though of course the lefty bloggers all say the opposite. As it is, I feel vaguely depressed in spite of having a number of social things going on this weekend; there is cajones' birthday party tomorrow night, hosted by the lovely & talented chebutykin, followed by MinneTokyo on Saturday, and of course the relaxicon starting tomorrow night and lasting until Sunday. Still, I am Not Pleased with life and am uncertain what to do about it.

Currently reading: Gust Front, by John Ringo