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no dump day today

Well, didn't win the lottery, but I got an awesome parking spot when P and I went to Bonefish somewhere west (south?) of Manassas...Bonefish itself is a kinda trendy seafood joint where most of the menu items are grilled and not fried (this made it very hard for me to order) and served with sacues unidentifiable to anyone not addicted to the Food Channel. Still, the salmon I ordered was very good, as was the corn chowder w/crab lumps that warmed up for it. AAA+++, would dine there again.

Got the ha'penny tour of the Manassas Data Center but since they made me sign an NDA I can't tell you anything about it. I may be bending the NDA by saying there was nothing to tell anyone about. :S

In honor of Earth Day (ptui!) I link to this collection of Great-Living Americans with excellent Cylinder Indexes. All hail Iowahawk!

The handful of you who follow me on Twitter may have noticed a little more activity from me of late. This will probably increase further, since I'm using my last paycheck from the Night Job to pay off the Commonwealth and replace both my TX and the less reliable of my Katanas with a Palm Centro. For now, though, I need to hit the rack since I have sick call with the VA at 0730 tomorrow. I already feel like crap.
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