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Leaders, followers, and history

haikujaguar has a rant on the necessity of followers and how the Overculture (my term not hers) doesn't respect people who would rather support than lead. She calls for society to respect the sergeants as well as the lieutenants, the spear carriers as well as the heroes. I agree that the Overculture doesn't do this much, perhaps because most people in supporting roles aren't as charismatic and newsworthy as the heroes. I think there's also a point to be made that the Overculture has lost (or never had) the Catholic attitude that work gives dignity to the worker, whether that work is flipping burgers or running a multinational conglomerate. Personally, I suspect that one aspect of the Treason of the Clerks that goes largely unremarked on is the disrespect for anyone who is not an academic or some other member of the intelligentsia. This is evident in the now-infamous video of the CNN reporter at the Chicago Tea party; she had no respect for those people or their cause, and held them up for ridicule on a national news feed. So, yeah. We have a culture in control of the schools that tries to force everyone into a mold that produces chiefs and intellectualoids but no Indians or auto mechanics; the bastard spawn of Ayn Rand by John Dewey, these schools are, which is all the more reason to keep your children out of them and teach them yourself.

On a less serious note, beatonna put out the Geek Signal for non-Anglospheric history recommendations, and now has over 200 comments from people. I'm not sure you can find histories after the 19th century uncontaminated by Anglo culture, myself, since the sun never set on the British Empire and even that parts of the world that weren't part of Queen Victoria's turf were being run or heavily influenced by Englilsh-speaking types. Just for amusement value, what histories of the non-English-speaking world have caught your interest, oh well-read denizens of my f-list? Movies and anime are acceptable replies, if they're sufficiently historically accurate.


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May. 1st, 2009 09:42 pm (UTC)
That was a good rant, that was. It reminds me of the incredibly stupid battery of personality profile tests I had to take to apply for the medical transcription job I was already doing (as a temp; and no, I didn't get the job). The test results criticized me for being passive, not sufficiently assertive, not willing to make decisions for the larger organization, and disinclined to seek out the company of other people. I wanted to say, "but wait, doesn't that make me perfect for this job?? I'm a medical transcriptionist! I receive dictations all day long and turn them into transcriptions. That's all I do. When on G*d's green earth am I ever going to be called to be assertive or make a decision for the larger organization (in this case, University Fairview)??!"
May. 1st, 2009 09:45 pm (UTC)
I'm convinced those tests are just an excuse for managers not to hire/promote people they didn't want anyway.
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