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Tax season's over, kthxbye

I'm a little wired from all the black tea and DayQuil I've been ingesting since eating an early dinner at 1620 and going to the Night Job shortly thereafter, but I think the stimulants will wear off in the couple of hours before I crash. Night Job was pretty dull; we had some walk-ins but it wasn't nearly as crazy as I'd been led to expect it would be. Heck, it wasn't even as busy as last night. So I stayed for a couple of hours until Deb came in, hung out talking to one of the tax preparers (who turned out to be from Haverhill and a descendant of "Fightin' Joe" Wheeler) about Civil War stuff, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and other weirdnesses for about an hour before heading home.

So here I am...going to take advantage of the early time off and go to bed early.