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How 'bout them Dukes?

Having been convinced to sign up for ESPN Fantasy Baseball by fsf_rapier, and stayed up way too late on Saturday at Detour preparing for the draft, I wound up with a team composed mostly of Phillies, Royals and Devil Rays.

C Ramon Hernandez CIN
OF Pat Burrell TB
2B Mike Aviles KC
SP Justin Verlander DET
SP Brett Myers PHI
OF Lastings Milledge WAS
3B Alex Gordon KC
ss JJ Hardy MIL
RP Kerry Wood CLE
SP Scott Kazmir TB
RP Jose Valverde HOU
SP Scott Baker MIN
OF Shane Victorino PHI
RP Brad Lidge PHI
OF Jacoby Ellsbury BOS
SP James Shields TB
OF Curtis Granderson DET
3B Kevin Youkilis BOS
SP Cole Hamels PHI
OF Carl Crawford TB
2B Ian Kinsler TEX
2B Chase Utley PHI
SS Jimmy Rollins PHI
1B Mike Jacobs KC

This lineup had problems, which I addressed by signing Pudge Rodriguez, Mariners closer Brandon Morrow, Tribe catcher Victor Martinez, and Snakes third-sacker mark Reynolds. I also claimed Tim Wakefield off waivers, but missed out on Twins knuckleballer R.A. Dickey and Marlins 3B Jorge Cantu. Space was cleared for the new guys by putting Jay Bruce, Justin Verlander, Ramon Hernandez, and JJ Hardy on waivers.

So far the Dukes haven't made a very impressive start, partially due to Hamels and Verlander completely stinking up the joint with their first starts and a lot of the stud middle infielders being noodle-like in their limpness. Yeah, Jimmy Rollins, I'm talkin' 'bout you. Still, the rest of the team is doing all right and both Ian Kinsler and Kevin Youkilis have been awesome. So I'm just half a point out of seventh after a week. It's a start.

In real baseball, after looking over the ticket prices for Nationals Park, I think if I see any baseball this summer it'll be in Hagerstown, Frederick, La Plata, or wherever the Prince William Cannons - er, Nationals - are. When you add in the price of decent tickets and Metro fare, a cheap ticket to see the Nats that won't induce nosebleeds will cost you upwards of $20, and they just aren't that good a team. I can suffer well enough at home listening to the radio, I think.
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