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Hardshells and death balls

I feel a little better now that I've had a burrito, a couple of tacos, half a pound of fried 'taters and a quart of Diet Coke to wash all the grease down with. The walk to and from lunch didn't hurt (much) either. Still a little stiff in the shoulders, probably thanks to tension, but that'll go away after I get home, have dinner, and go to bed early.

We passed the apartment inspection. Now all we have to do is keep it that clean while somehow remaining organized enough to find the things we want without digging through boxes for six hours. Shelving, more shelving!

Sent back the student loan paperwork to the college and some meat rebate stuff...if I wasn't so damn tired I'd think about trying to find those MSFT class action documents and filling those out tonight.

Currently reading: Dark Horse by Fletcher Knebel and Hell's Faire by John Ringo.