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omg tuesday

Already it sucks. Woke up late, thrashed around trying to find things, finally managed to get on the road and into work ~0900 only to get sent home by Henry half an hour later since I was quite obviously sicker than shit. Going to make a quick run to Walmart for Day-Quils, chicken soup, and whatever other essentials I can squeeze out of a $10 gift card.* After that I'm going to be horizontal until I have to get up for the night job. BJ & Deb are both supposed to be on tonight, but I figure Olesya will need the help since it was apparently seriously crazy from noon onwards. So if I work from 2-7 or even 2-6 that'll allow me to be helpful and get in some more hours before tomorrow night.

If I had any brains I'd just stay home and try to get better, but we all know the deal with that.

*It took MyPoints over a week to cough it up, which is pretty slow for them. :(
Tags: medical stuff, work

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