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More excitement than I really wanted on a Thursday night

Was getting ready for the Night Job when I noticed that the right leg of my pants was somewhat damp, which was odd because I hadn't dribbled any fluids onto them or become suddenly incontinent. So since I needed to hit the can anyway, I dropped trou - and discovered that the fluid in question was blood. Lots of it. Grabbed a washcloth, moistened it, and started cleaning it off, only to find that a fresh supply was dripping (a Class III leak, in fact) from my scrotum. This was pretty disturbing, because normally when holes appear in your equipment, you notice. On account of the event producing the hole usually being kind of painful, whether it's your zipper, knife wielded by vengeful SO, teeth employed by overly enthusiastic date, or whatever. Not the case here - the sack evidently decided on its own, with no provocation, to just spring a leak and start dripping blood. Doubleplus ungood! I called the Night Job and let them know I'd be late, and went up the hill to the emergency room at Inova Alexandria. There, unlike Inova Fairfax, I was seen fairly promptly by a nurse and then a doctor, who cauterized the hole with silver nitrate (is there anything it can't do?) and sent me on my way with a Telfa pad to soak up any stray fluid.

So now I owe Inova at least $700, which they won't be seeing any time soon unless I either hit the lottery or get a really good job in the near future. Maybe the VA will cover it, if I can ever find time to get to the local veterans' clinic and get signed up.

E-filed my taxes tonight since the wretched financial excesses of Detour weekend wiped out the contribution I had planned to make from my 401k, which would have reduced my taxes some. What the hell; I only owe $254 to the Feds and $61 to Richmond, and I don't have to pay the latter until May 1. It could be a lot worse.

Bedtime comes now.
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