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Hump Day Dump Day

And in honor of the term's creator, I repost this repost in which Our Dear Leader announces his newfound nukular capability. (Moe Lane) :D

Speaking of the neighborhood's Evil Giraffe, feast your eyes on this:

Unrelated: Camille Paglia has a nice selection of letters in the mailbag this month, with topics ranging from Obama's stumbles and the epic ineptitude of liberal talk radio to that movie where the ship sinks. (Instapundit). Speaking of women I love for their minds, the soon-to-be-remarried Ann Althouse spanks Barney Frank for his sneering dismissal of Justice Antonin Scalia as a "homophobe", which says more about Frank's political ambitions than it does about his knowledge of the law. (Instapundit). GayPatriot also takes Frank to the woodshed over his angry response to a questioner at Harvard. (Instapundit)

I've seen this kind of defense budget before, and eventually it means people like me getting killed because Democrats keep forgetting that you need a big stick to back up the soft speaking. Tom Donnelly gives the breakdown. (Ace)

Because there are a few non-anime related things I miss about Minnesota, I link to Tommy Mischke's eulogy for Steve Cannon. Rest in peace, Steve. WCCO became duller by orders of magnitude when you hung up the mike for the last time. (Mitch Berg)
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