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Got up this morning and finished the stuffing of non-furniture things into furniture things, disposing of garbage, and somewhere in there managed to down a cup of coffee, get cleaned up and get to work an hour late, thanks to all my Minnesota neighbors whose brains short out in the drizzle and render them unable to drive faster than 15 mph. Normally I can make it downtown on Old Shakopee and I-35W in about half an hour, even during rush hour, but let there be the slightest tinge of mist or drizzle, and things get balled up from Lake Street to 98th. You'd think it never rained or snowed here, to see the way these people drive.

Anyway, we are apparently done with the last remnants of summer and are now into the early stages of winter. The temperatures have dropped from the 70s into the low 50s, and of course it's all grey and overcast to go along with the barely-there rain. I ache in strange places from all the unaccustomed bending over and box lifting, and being short on sleep doesn't help either. I'm so looking forward to just going home and collapsing.

The Northern Alliance boys are going to be groupblogging the debate tonight down at the Hilton, but if I were going to go out for anything it would be to see the Astros whip on the Cardinals. Speaking of whippings, the damnYankees beat Curt Schilling like a rented mule last night, lighting him up for six runs in less than five innings before Terry Francona came to his senses and pulled him for Aerodynamic Curtis Leskanic. Mussina was on his game last night and the Yanks were leading 6-0 at that point, so I turned the radio to the classical station and tried to think happy thoughts while picking up books and CDs.
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