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Detour '09 Day 2

(moar like Day 1.1, c/d?)

Original plan to get up relatively early, hit the breakfast buffet and see bam2 before leaving for the collation failed utterly. I attended neither of the panels, missed bam2 and the buffet, and wound up eating lunch at Erbert & Gerbert's before boarding the bus to the Stipple collation and arriving half an hour early, much to Jeanne's surprise. Collation was entertaining; it was good to hang out with luned and the other folks and talk about Stuff.

C. showed up right at 1700 and we headed south to Edina and Q.Cumbers; dinner of good quality (and much roughage) was had, and then we went up to her office to do taxes, watch YouTube videos, do taxes, look at stuff in EVE, do taxes, drink tea, and basically act all ADD while taking care of her taxes for the last three years (MN and Fed). Hopefully the state and Feds won't screw her too badly on the penalties and interest. She pressed a couple of CDs on me of Funker Vogt, Combichrist, and some really filthy Russian ska by Leningrad. Reminded me of the famous DLI Obscenity tape, only set to ska music and sung enthusiastically. OMG, is it foul.

Got back to the hotel about 0100 or so in the snow, hung out for a while near ops with gohanvox, geekboyonline, kurai_tsuki, revolutionaryjo and others in various states of drunkenness (or not, as in the case of stuckintraffik and probably dejana) and headed upstairs about an hour or two later. Getting up in a few hours for breakfast will be painful but necessary; tomorrow I hope to actually see more programming, but I suspect this won't happen.
Tags: anime detour, friends, ihtfp, stippleapa
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