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spring is sprung

It was cool and rainy this morning when I dragged myself to McDonald's for breakfast before work, but by the time I got off at 1730 the clouds had parted and there was some really awesome sunlight streaming through to illuminate the Foxchase shopping center and all the blooming trees that seem to have agreed to pop their blossoms this weekend. Very nice. I'm still kind of ragged after an eight-hour shift, but then I was short on sleep to start with.

Good conversation with Mark last night over steak & sausages & cole slaw; we talked about music, SF, the end of BSG, and also about Blood Red Skies. This last helped me clarify a few things in my head which (to be honest) the dual influences of Traveller and Imperium had hopelessly confused for me, so I should be able to move forward on the middle chapters and get the thing done with. Time permitting, of course.

P was ill, so we didn't get together to work on the Winbox. That'll happen a week from this Saturday, after I'm back from Detour.

Condo/house prices in the area have dropped low enough that I can actually cover the price with a VA loan. Considering that moving into a $68,000 condo would actually lower my housing costs by a third, I may have to give serious thought to saving up enough cash to make that move at the end of the year when my lease at Foxchase expires. Like so many other things, this all depends on finding work after the Day Job eventually comes to an end.

For now, time to consider dinner.
Tags: blood red skies, family drama, friends, work
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