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The return of the Winbox

Really slow night at the Night Job; in fact, a lot of the preparers left around 1900 when it became obvious that hordes of clients weren't going to be busting down the doors. Meh. I get paid whether people show up or not, but I can understand the preparers bailing. So, since I went in early today, I have a little over five hours on the clock for this week. I'll get another five on Thursday, and BJ called to ask if I wanted this coming Sunday. Hell yeah!

The case and motherboard for the Winbox arrived while I was off at the Night Job. P is doing some kind of death march schedule at the moment, so I doubt we'll be able to get together and reassemble the beast before Detour. Be nice if we could, but I'm not holding my breath.

Going to bed now; whatever hit me Monday and yesterday isn't going to be helped if I don't get a good solid eight hours in the rack.